Many people are not aware that Fastrack comes in specific EQUINE products, and not just the generic white/yellow all animal  bag.  We use FASTRACK EQUINE and CANINE products here at Last Dime Ranch, LLC, with great results - from  birth to old age. The EQUINE specific products cost slightly more than the generic product, but they are highly concentrated, so they use less and they include ingredients that are specifically for HORSES.  Overall the cost per unit is less and delivers far more than the generic version. Most time we will order directly from the manufacturer so the product is fresh and shipped directly to your door via UPS (shipping charges apply). Pricing is based on actual current selling price from the company with applicable shipping and taxes.  Please contact us via email or website for an estimate for your order today!  We can even set up a pre-ordering request so that you never run out of your daily supplements.  Payments by PayPal (credit card) and check (after clearing) are accepted.